Meeting updates not changing in the app

Updated by Lois Lewis

Not seeing a change to a meeting listing display in the app? There are a few reasons for this.

App hasn't refreshed

Meeting Guide updates every 12 hours at 7 am and pm ET. If you recently made a change to meeting details please wait at least 12 hours for it to update.

Meeting data is tied to a different entity

If you have waited 12 hours and still aren't seeing an update it could be that another entity is providing this meeting's data. The entity that is currently submitting the meeting location is displayed at the bottom of each meeting's detail screen. Please reach out to that entity to ensure that accurate meeting information is available in the app. Read more about resolving multiple sources of data.

Meeting is outside of location limit

If you aren't seeing a meeting you expect to see in the app, you may be dealing with a location limit. When searching for a meeting, Meeting Guide determines the center point of your geolocation and shows you the 500 closest meetings within 60km. How close they are to you depends on the density of meetings. Try entering in a zip code or changing your location to be closer to the meeting you are looking for.

Feed isn't valid

If you aren't seeing an update to your meeting information it may be that there is a problem with your meeting feed.

Access the Meeting Guide validator to confirm your feed is valid. If you feed is not valid please update your feed and send the new URL to app support.

Geoboundary isn't accurate

The Meeting Guide data importer geocodes a map boundary that corresponds to the meeting data in your feed. Occasionally the boundary needs to be adjusted to display all of your meetings.

Please contact app support if you think this might be an issue. Please include the meetings that aren't displaying in the app.

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