Updating or adding meeting information in the app

Updated by Lois Lewis

All meeting information in Meeting Guide is maintained by local A.A. entities. You will need to contact a local entity and request that they add or update the meeting listing on their website, which will then be reflected in the app.

Finding local contact information

To request updates

In the app, navigate to the meeting details of the meeting that needs an update. Scroll to the bottom of the meeting details page. There you will find the office contact details. Email or call that office to request a change to the meeting listed on their website.

To add new meetings

In the app, choose the Contact icon from the bottom menu. Then select Contact A.A. Near Me. Contact one of the participating entities about adding a new meeting listing to their website.

Once a change is made by your local office to meeting listings on their website, it is automatically updated in the app.

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