Meeting Guide approach to data that isn't current

Updated by Lois Lewis

If your feed goes down

The Meeting Guide importer runs a check every 12 hours to ensure that the contributed meeting data presented in the app is up-to-date. A warning is triggered for any feeds that are down or inaccessible for 72 hours.

Warnings trigger a communication cycle between GSO and the your office, in an effort to restore feed access. Generally this results in correcting any issues that may be found. Some amount of temporary downtime is expected, and in these cases Meeting Guide retains the data and continues to present the meeting listings it received prior to any downtime. 

Feeds that fail the update check for more than 14 days will be disconnected, if no communication is received. When an entity is disconnected its meetings are removed and are no longer displayed in Meeting Guide. Occasionally during the warning communication it is discovered that an entity no longer wishes to participate in Meeting Guide.

If you decide to stop participating

While participation is one of the best ways to ensure newcomers can find meetings, if you do decide to stop participating please use the Contact Us feature on this site so that we can disconnect you from the app.

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