When multiple entities list a meeting

Updated 1 year ago by Lois Lewis

A common question associated with connecting to Meeting Guide is what happens if another A.A. entity is already listing our meetings?

It’s common for A.A. websites to have overlapping service areas. This isn't an issue because Meeting Guide has a system for filtering out duplicates. When a website joins the app, the addresses of its meetings are all geocoded (run through Google) and then registered to that organization.

When another organization joins, any meetings they have that have been previously-registered will be skipped, since they are already listed. If the new organization has more up-to-date information for a specific meeting they can reach out to the app support team with the specific meeting in question and registration can by switched on a case by case basis.

Entities also have the option of providing data feeds to other entities. This may reduce any issues with multiple sources of data for one meeting.

For more information read: How To provide meeting listings to another entity.

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