Not seeing my meeting in the app

Updated by Lois Lewis

There are a few reasons why you may not be seeing a meeting in Meeting Guide. To troubleshoot this follow a few steps

  • Confirm the meeting is on your local entity's website. All meetings in Meeting Guide are provided by local A.A. entities.
  • Confirm your local entity is participating in Meeting Guide
    • In the app, choose the Contact icon from the bottom menu. Then select Contact A.A. Near Me. Local entities listed will display as Connected or Not Connected. Those who are listed as connected are participating.
  • Check the search bar and filters to ensure you don't have any filters that might be constraining your meeting results.
    Finding meetings by keyword
    Finding Meetings by Day, Time, Attend option or Type

If your meeting is on your local website and that entity is participating in Meeting Guide you may be dealing with a location limit. When searching for a meeting, Meeting Guide determines the center point of your geolocation and shows you the 500 closest meetings within 60km. How close they are to you depends on the density of meetings. Try entering in a zip code or changing your location to be closer to the meeting you are looking for.

If you have stepped through all of the above and still aren't seeing your meeting please use the contact button on this website to send an explanation and specific meeting details to Meeting Guide support for additional troubleshooting .

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