How to Add Digital Contribution Details to a Meeting

Updated by Lois Lewis

Did you know that Meeting Guide can display a contribute button for groups who have set up digital basket contributions?

Simply add the group’s Venmo handle, PayPal username or Cash tag to the Group’s meeting details in either the Wordpress plugin or your custom database. Meeting Guide will display the button and contribution option(s) as shown in the screen capture below.

screen capture of contribute button

screen shot showing contribution options

To add digital contribution details to a meeting follow the steps below for the platform your site uses.

WordPress 12 Step Meeting List Plugin

Sites that use the 12 Step Meeting List plugin will, as of the most recent version, see a venmo, square and paypal field in the meeting's contact block. Information added will sync with the Meeting Guide app.

Google Sheets

Sites that use Google Sheets will need to add a venmo, square and paypal field to the Gsheet that is contributing information to Meeting Guide. Information added will sync with the Meeting Guide app.

View Gsheet template

Custom Databases

Sites that use a custom database may add the venmo, square, or paypal key to their JSON feed. Please see the Meeting Guide JSON spec for more information and examples.

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