Software platforms

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It is up to each participating entity to select the website platform that makes the most sense for them. The only software requirement to participate in Meeting Guide is the presence of a database. Most software platforms (or no platform) should work; it will just require different levels of effort.


This is the easiest option, because of the free 12 Step Meeting List plugin that handles the JSON feed automatically, and provides other services as well such as search, map, mobile-friendliness, geolocation, and address correction.

Some sites use WordPress without the plugin. This is fine so long as the data is stored in a database (separate fields for meeting day, time, address, etc.). If you are using the page editor to manage your meeting list  or uploading a PDF then there is more work to do before it is ready to sync.


Wix has been used in two ways to connect to the app: using data collections (requires a valid JSON feed) and using a Google Sheet as a data source. Read more about this option on How to Connect to Meeting Guide.

Other Software Products

Other software options like Joomla!, Drupal, and CraftCMS are great options. Again, just make sure you’re using a database for the meetings (separate fields for meeting day, time, address, etc). If you’re using the page editor, or uploading a PDF, then you have more work to do to get it ready to sync.

Custom Databases

These are very common in A.A., and should be fine, especially if you can make changes as needed. A JSON feed in the proper format will need to be created in order to connect.

Google Calendar, Weebly, and GoDaddy Website Builder

At this time, feeds from Google Calendar are not supported.

Additionally, we do not currently support Weebly and GoDaddy Website Builder, except by embedding a Google Sheet. This option requires the embedded sheet to be your primary meeting finder on your website. Read more about it on Minimum Requirements.

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