Minimum requirements for participating in Meeting Guide

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Meeting Guide participation is open to all general service areas, districts, Intergroup Central Offices, and international General Service Offices listed on’s “A.A. Near You” section.

Because of the technical requirements related to gathering data from a large number of sources, participants need to meet the following requirements:

  • Have their own independent website
  • List their meetings on their website in a database
  • Allow access to the data that powers the live meeting list (not a copy)

Some things that won’t work:

  • Emailing meeting list files
  • Featuring a meeting finder on a hidden page
  • Setting up a secondary website just to get connected
  • Using a manual process that requires a person to export data

Meeting requirements:

Please include only weekly A.A. meetings in your feed. The following types of meetings should not be included in your feed:

  • Institutional Meetings like those in corrections facilities or treatment facilities that require specific clearance or training to attend.
  • Group business meetings or entity-related service meetings.
  • Other 12-step organization meetings (Al-Anon, N.A. C.A. etc).

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