Meeting Guide Branding Assets

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A.A. service organizations may use the graphical assets on this page to link to the app on their websites, and describe the app in printed materials.

Writing about Meeting Guide

When writing about the app, please refer to “Meeting Guide” and “the Meeting Guide app”.


  • Meeting Guide is a service of A.A. World Services, Inc.
  • Download the Meeting Guide app here


  • Please check MeetingGuide (wrong)
  • Please check the Meeting Guide (wrong)
  • Please check the Guide (wrong)

Linking to Meeting Guide

When linking to Meeting Guide, please link to the Meeting Guide website or the app store listings directly.

Using Images

Please use these images only for the purpose of describing or linking to the Meeting Guide app.

Right-click on the images below to download the full graphical asset.

google play logo

app store logo

Google Play Icon

Use this to link to the Google Play listing

App Store Icon

Use this to link to the App Store listing

The Meeting Guide app icon and circle-chair symbol is copyright A.A. World Services, Inc.

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